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Our Planet Earth From Space
Our Planet Earth From Space

Realtime satellite data and images
(no longer updated)

Erich Habich-Traut on Facebook
Facebook page
I use this as a "Live book writing" project. My latest research into quantum phenomena and ideas are published here first.

Museum Of The Future
The Museum Of The Future
The original website -
features controversial FTL experiments, interviews and reports.

Bergisches Streichquartett
Bergisches Streichquartett

Music for your occasions. This is the quartett of my talented wife, who plays solo-viola.
Virtual Galway
Virtual Galway

A tourist website from 2000, exploring a streetview-like concept, before Google.

Ferienhaus Vlissingen
Sunset House & Villa

A prime holiday home on location in Zeeland, Netherlands. Do come visit us.

habich photo
habich photo

No longer active.

Gartendom in Deutsch

This project aims to incorporate geodesic domes and state-of-the art aquaponics, for urban farming.
Sethian Expeditions
Sethian Expeditions

As part of my book research I will need look up a few things, that have not been covered elsewhere.

Sethian College
Sethian College

The study of Psi is one of the aims of this college. Lectures, experiments, (meditation) courses and book-signing tours may be organized by this entity.


Sethian Religion
Sethian Religion

I am licensed by the state of New York as a minister to perform weddings.

Lucasian Order Of Je'daii
Lucasian Order of Je'daii

I am a Star Wars fan, and concepts like warp-speed, telekinesis and consciousness can't be explained with classical physics. I thought it would be cool to give these concepts flesh. My wife found this idea frivolous, but FB doesn't want to delete this page, and it is popular. So, here it is...

Current view of Earth from the Sun


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