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Boron, the fifth element
Mythology: Fountain of Youth, Tibet

December 3, 2016 at 10:04pm

The fifth element is Boron.
It is essential in organisms in the repairs of cell walls.

Until recently (),
the largest known natural source on Earth was a lake in Tibet.

The average human (?) consumes about 60 grams of Boron in a lifetime,
through food.

The element is exclusively formed in Super Novae or by Cosmic Rays.

Varous benefits of Boron, as part of a human diet, are suggested in scientific papers.
However, it is discovered that Boron is banned in most countries.


Biology/Mythology: Star Wars VIII: The Origin of the Force Trees

PhotosynthesisMany millenia ago, a man and a woman were on a planet.
There, a Force sensitive tree stood.

Kids start to develop strange powers while standing near a mysterious tree.
They were the first humanoids that felt the Force.

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