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Engram - 1968

Jason and the ArgonautsThe scariest thing I saw as a small child,
was a skeleton that raged across a hill and attacked a band of travellers,
that had landed with a boat.

My eyes could not believe what they were seeing,
I cried, tears welled down face and I took shelter under the skirt of my grandmother.

It was a show on the screen of a black and white TV that caused my turmoil.

The movie, I remembered just now,
was called "Jason and the Argonauts".
Talk about some deep implanting of memories!

I was three or four or five then, probabilities are that it can't have been later,
because I was still pretty impressionable and the moon landings had not happened yet by a long shot.

When I heard for the first time that man was going to land on the Moon,
I was most overjoyed.

But it still took years before it happened.
My sense of time then, was of course even more fuzzy than today,
because I still had to learn reading numbers and the calendar.

The tag lines, according to Internet Movie Database were:

Greatest Odyssey Of The Ages - for the first time on the screen
The epic story that was destined to stand as a colossus of adventure!

It must be said that German TV was always YEARS behind what was happening in USA.
It took them such a long time to translate and dub every single movie into the German language.

Tonight I had a weird experience.
Lying in the dark in bed I suddenly became a skeleton as an avatar.

It was very realistic. In the darkened room I roared with joy.


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