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Pax Mundi Universal Peace SymbolPAX MUNDI (World Peace) TODAY
World Peace Movement on Facebook,
text by Erich Habich-Traut,

Peace is a noble goal that all can agree on.
Any movement needs a sign, so do peace movements.

The latin letters 'PX' traditionally pronounce as pax, which is Latin and means peace.
The PAX sign is shown in a circle.The circle stands for the World.

MUNDI is Latin. Mundi means world. It is also it's plural: worlds.
In our context Pax Mundi means World Peace.

It can also mean Worlds of Peace. Wherever.
This is therefore a sign for UNIVERSAL peace.
It is not restricted to this World.

Pax MundiThe PAX sign is also known as the Chi-Rho, which are it's Greek letters. It is then spelled 'XP'. In English it is phonetically pronounced as "kairo". In Greek (as abbreviation for 'chrestos') the sign literally means 'good'.

Should we ever make contact, this peace sign will show our good intentions to representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.
It is a historically significant sign with layers of meanings, all of which are positive.

If you want to use the sign please link back to, or, both link to the World Peace Movement on Facebook. If you use it in a physical form (posters, T-shirts, whatever), include the "" phrase in writing.

You can also set up your own branch of the World Peace Movement and use this logo, as long as the logo is identified as coming from If you want to do so, contact me for further designs and higher image resolutions:

Universal Peace Symbol, Pax MundiTHE WORLD PEACE SIGN (License)
The World Peace sign is created by placing a PAX symbol, also known as a chi-rho, inside a circle, representing the planet.

PAX MUNDI is the latin name for world peace.
PAX MUNDI makes a stand against wars, atrocities and violence.

You are free to use the WORLD PEACE SIGN also known as "Universal Peace Sign" as long as you credit the PAX MUNDI TODAY community on Facebook.

The PAX MUNDI TODAY community is found on Facebook at You can also use the URL, whatever is easier to remember.

Creative commons license World Peace sign Creative Commons License
Universal Peace Symbol by Erich Habich-Traut is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Based on a work at

This is a Free Culture license.

You are free to:

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Argumentio_new_logos CONSIDERATIONS

The coherent identification of a group or movement is aided by a common unambigous sign.
In the 1960's that identification was achieved by use of the CND sign, which has been identified as the Germanic younger Futhark rune.
In the Third Reich it was popular as a symbol for death. Therefore I have searched for an alternative.

I have spent some time studying semiotics and Umberto Eco.
That helped me to remember the Chi Rho sign, also known as Pax.

It took then four hours to put it together.

The result has similarities to the known CND sign but adds a layer which clarifies it's origin.
The CND sign has never really been a peace sign. The only effect that a global nuclear ban would have is to encourage conventional global warfare.


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