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SHIPWRECK WILDFIRE IN GREENLAND (documentary 18 min. 1080p)

The results of the Greenland Expedition, Sethian Expedition No. 1, 14. - 21. August 2017

The newly discovered wreck of the Wildfire was one of the great whaling ships of its time.

Featuring brave Captain Walker,
who battled the unforgiving Arctic waters to navigate the stricken vessel to safety,
rescuing his crew from certain death.

The whaling ship Wildfire was built in Quebec in 1853
before she sailed to Scotland to serve with the Dundee fleet.

Being both a sailing vessel as well as a steamship she still had the grace of an earlier age.
3D photo scanning technology is used to reconstruct what appears to be a 150 year old wreck in relatively good shape.

With music courtesy of the great Greenland Amateur Choir: