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by Erich Habich-Traut

Paper for the conference "La Conscience et L’invisible: Aux Frontières De La Vie",
Eternea, Paris, 4-5th of February 2017

In this short essay I propose that the locus of the incorporeal soul resides in an electromagnetic field,
giving an example of it's journey after death. I believe this account to be significant, because it contains scientifically verifi
able facts.





14th century illustration of soul leaving mans bodyThe soul has been described as the incorporeal essence of living beings.

In Judeo-Christianity the soul is understood as connected with the body until death.

Classical Newtonian mechanics with it's simplistic determinist worldview tends to either ignore it's existence or it leaves interpretations of it to the realm of religion and philosophy, because it cannot be understood as part of an (orange) clockwork.

In this short essay I propose that the locus of the incorporeal soul resides in an electromagnetic field, giving an example of it's journey after death.

Electromagnetic theories of consciousness propose that consciousness can be understood as an electromagnetic phenomenon.

Electromagnetic fields are well understood by science, we have formulae that describe them, their effects and interactions with matter can be observed.

The starting point for most EM field theories of consciousness is the increasing evidence that synchronous firing of neurons is a strong indicator of conscious perception.

In the early 1990’s it was demonstrated that neurons in monkey brains respond to two independent images on a screen in a particular way: they fire out of sync when the images are moving in different directions. But the neurons fire synchronously when the same images move together.

It was demonstrated that there was ZERO TIME LAG between synchronously-firing areas of the brain, which are in different regions. This severely constrains any model to account for synchrony based solely on neural/synaptic signal transmission from a common source (since transmission times are different). Ref.: 1

This is just one puzzle piece of evidence that consciousness is based on EM-fields,
since those fields are not subject to the slow speed of chemical or neuronal pathways.

I will describe a physical phenomenon that has been discovered only a few years ago,
that of electromagnetic portals linking the surface of Earth to the surface of the Sun.

That the magnetosphere of the Earth and the Sun are linked somehow, is not a new idea.
The actual physical form that this connection does take, however, I find noteworthy.

By this example I wish to show that some descriptions of Near Death Experiences
may have a non-metaphysical basis in electromagnetic fields.


The strongest emitter of an EM force field in the Solar system is our Sun.
NASA has described the discovery of electromagnetic portals.

In SciFi, portals are extraordinary openings in space or time that connect travelers to distant realms, like doors into the unknown.

A NASA-funded researcher has figured out how to find them.

It is plasma physicist Jack Scudder of the University of Iowa, who explains them as:

'Places where the magnetic field lines of Earth connects to the magnetic field of the Sun, creating an uninterrupted path leading from our own planet to the sun's atmosphere 93 million miles away.'

NASA's THEMIS spacecraft and Europe's Cluster probes suggest that these magnetic portals open and close dozens of times each day. Scudder says one should think of the electromagnetic field lines as strands of spaghetti.

 Location of "holes" were detected in indicated pink layers, near Earth.
Image courtesy of NASA.

Diffuse gas—called plasma—flows outward from the sun as "solar wind" and carries with it magnetic field lines ("spaghetti") from the sun.

The entanglement between magnetic field lines from the sun and other field lines anchored in the Earth's core occurs when these field lines are brought together by gusts of solar wind.

"In the process of smoothing this entanglement, one or more holes are created that now link field lines, with one originating in the sun and the other in the Earth's metallic core," says Scudder.

"The linkage allows charged particles to cross a previously forbidden boundary that separates the Earth's volume from the sun's.

The aurorae are a byproduct of this change in how the strands of spaghetti are connected, since with the hole, charged particles from the sun are now allowed access into the atmosphere below the Earth's magnetic shield."

One result is the beautiful colors of the northern lights. Ref. 2

Phoenix Aurora
Aurora (c) by
Hallgrimur P. Helgason

Most portals are small and short-lived; others are yawning, vast, and sustained.

Energetic particles can flow through the openings, heating Earth's upper atmosphere,
sparking geomagnetic storms, and igniting bright polar auroras.

Every planet with an atmosphere generates an electromagnetic force field, through convection of its hot molten iron core.

Without it's protection, the atmosphere soon gets blown away by the solar wind, we depend on Earth's EM force field for our survival.

In a study of 'Aurora Related Sound and Electric Field Effects', by Janne Hautsalo, it is mentioned that Inuit folklore says that the whistling crackling noise which sometimes accompanies the aurora are the voices of spirits trying to communicate with the people of the Earth. They should always be answered in a whispering voice.

It has been suggested that the neural system controlling human senses and consciousness could, for some reason or other, act misconceived during a geomagnetic storm, and thus produce these observations while, in the objective sense, there was no sound. Ref. 3

What would the Sun's EM force field sound like, if we could hear it?
Scientifically, we can convert electromagnetic vibrations into sounds at audible frequencies with relatively standard radio and audio equipment.

In the Youtube video on the left signals from the Sun as recorded by NASA can be heard. (These may have been edited for effect).

What is interesting is that the Suns corona and plasma vibrates harmoniously,
like strings on a musical instrument.

Listening to these sounds in meditation has a soothing effect.

Some of these sounds I actually remember from an event that I experienced when I was 7 years old.

The sound was the music I perceived when I left my body during my NDE, approaching 'the light'.

Now imagine yourself travelling through one of those tunnels, coming FROM Earth ...

EM portals
NDE: Now imagine yourself travelling through one of those tunnels, coming FROM Earth. The Sun is behind us, in this image...
The period of electromagnetic portals opening is eight minutes, because Earth's distance to the Sun is an average of 92,957,000 miles.

Light travels at 186,282 miles per second. Dividing the average distance by the speed of light gives 499.01225 seconds which is 8.3168708 minutes.

Rounded off, the Sun connects electromagnetically to Earth every 8 minutes and 18 seconds, according to this simple calculation.

This periodicity is actually observed in real measurements of the flux transfer events.

To me there is a clear connection between EM portals and the universal experience of
floating through a dark tunnel and approaching 'the light', reported by NDE experiencers.

St. Matthias Church Budapest, baptismal fontIt is my understanding that the light at the end of the tunnel is the Sun.

What is new in this description is, that the soul and the 'light' are not described as metaphysical concepts,
but as a physical phenomenon.

The soul becomes an electromagnetic field,
the 'light' is a star.

The tunnel is a 'portal' which links the Earth and the Sun.

The phenomenon can be explained by referring to the CEMI theory,
an electromagnetic field theory of consciousness.

Further it will have to be shown how an electromagnetic field can have a conscious effect on a body, which, without this connection, may just be a 'soulless' automaton living in a coma.

To explain this I refer to the work of Hameroff-Penrose and the Orch-Or theory, (quantum fields).
During instances of NDE, the electromagnetic field of consciousness is disconnected from the body.

What happens then has been reported by tens of thousands of people from around the World, and in some cases it's been documented in scientific literature.

At the age of seven in 1971, I lost consciousness after fainting and hitting my head on the floor. The next thing I knew was that I was at a place where I wasn't cold, although I could feel no clothes.

No breath, no breeze I felt.
I wondered where I was, and I tried to look back to where I had came from.
But I could not turn around.

No body I felt. I had no body, therefore I could not turn.
In front of me (I believe it was the front. It was the only direction I see), I saw a bright spot, which was growing.

I floated towards this bright spot. I was very happy and wanted to go in there.
I heard wonderful music.

Just as the music slowly got louder, so the bright spot increased in size. The spot turned out to be a large gate or portal. It was very bright.

SOHO image of a solar bird-like plasma ejection
The portal was so large that it took up half of my field of vision.

At the edges of the portal it was dark,
I believed to see humanoid figures with wings, which were floating.

I thougt that it looked just like pictures of Heaven, that I had seen in oil paintings. I perceived this to absurd, at that time.

But I began to consider the possibility that I had died.

Then a deep voice said to me,

"It is not time (you have not fulfilled your task)," in German.
“Es ist nicht Zeit (du hast deine Aufgabe nicht erfüllt)”.

Terribly sad I was, when I felt myself first slowly moving away from the bright light,
I was being pulled away from it, pulled back into my body.

I lay there, still, for a while.

Then I felt my body again and heard my parents talking in another room.
Subjectively, this experience had lasted for about 20 minutes.

Because I could not understand why me parents were in another room at the time when I awoke,
talking to another as if nothing had happened, I asked them for how long I had been out.

They said that it was about 2 minutes.

Part of my proposal is, that specific fields of EM consciousness (souls) are tied to the particular DNA-EM signature of the body.

As long as the EM-signature of living DNA is present,
the EM field of consciousness is able to return to it's body.

On a metaphysical level, this can be described as the soul being able to return to it's assigned body, as long as it is alive.

The condition of being alive is described as living cells,
emitting their DNA signature waves.

For this to be possible, DNA would have to be shown to emit EM-waves.
In response I refer to the work of Nobel prize winner Luc Montagnier, who showed that some DNA emits EM-waves:

"A new property of some DNA molecules has been discovered,
that of emitting low frequency electromagnetic waves
in water dilutions." Ref. 4

The reason why some, but not all, DNA emits waves, has to be investigated.


This essay set out to present strong indicators for the validity of the concept of a theory of consciousness based on electromagnetic fields.

The testimony of a typical NDE experience has been compared to the experience of a disembodied EM-field entering an electromagnetic portal on it's way to the Sun.

As interesting I would interpret the subjective duration of my NDE, travelling the tunnel in both directions,
plus the amount of time actually spent waiting in front of the portal, before being sent back.

Consider that electromagnetic portals actually open approx. every 8.5 minutes for travel at lightspeed to the Sun,
that route taken twice making 17 minutes, plus approx. 2 minutes in conversation with a higher consciousness,
we arrive at a total time of approx. 19 minutes.

That is very close to my subjective time experience.

From this we can draw many inferences into the nature of time and the human perception of it.

The interpretation of this experience is subjective but I believe that it will resonate with many people,
once all the facts are explained in greater depth.



If we think of the soul as an electromagnetic entity, it could be a self-sustaining field of consciousness, that in emergencies continues to operate in the absence of it's body and is to be able to perceive and respond to external (electromagnetic) stimuli.

The research in this field is in its infancy.

Every living organism is sensitive to EM waves. Some more, some less so.
One of the first doctors to investigate the response of organisms to EM waves was the German Erwin Schliephake, who published a paper in 1932, called "Shortwave Therapy".

Schliephake demonstrated that local application of high intensity radiowave frequencies can heat up the underlying organs. He used this effect to regress various types of cancer.

The transmitters he used operated in the 20 kilowatt range, a power 2 million times over anything that we should be exposed to by local cellphone masts or wifi routers. (The threshold value is 10.0 mW/cm2 in the USA. With the establishment of NATO, this threshold value became binding also for Western Europe.) Schliephake died in 1995, aged 100.

Nevertheless, some people say they are allergic to artificial EMR (electromagnetic radiation) and Schliephake is often misquoted.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) sufferers claim sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, resulting in negative symptoms. EHS is decribed as having no scientific basis and is not a recognised medical diagnosis.

The first cases of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity were studied in the 1970s.
We, as living human beings, it is claimed, are more than just flesh and blood; we are also a highly complex electromagnetic system.

Usually, there is one trigger event that sets off a general reaction to further sources of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). In the early days of studying this phenomenon the most common trigger was working with a new computer.

Sufferers of EHS often report warm burning sensations in the area most affected. This could be the face or one side of the head, or even a general burning sensation throughout the body. It is often described as similar to being sunburnt. There may also be physical signs such as skin rashes or blemishes as well as eye problems. Ref. 5

In a bid to combat the effects some sufferers surround themself with EM shielding and cut out all sources of radiation.

To reduce their exposure some of those affected have relocated to the United States Radio Quiet Zone (NRQZ).


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